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InMovement Defined

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A pioneer of productive well-being. We work with companies large and small to reform their space and culture to combat the sedentary nature of the modern workplace. By blending healthy behavior with daily job function, we create happier, healthier and more productive employees and businesses.  

What Makes Us Different

Not Another Wellness Plan

Human bodies are made to move but today's office environment, both home and corporate, has trapped desk workers in spaces that all but require prolonged sitting. This lack of movement is affecting health, productivity and morale, all while increasing healthcare costs. By rethinking everyday work habits, companies and individuals can incorporate movement into the day that supports productivity, boosts mental agility, and improves health while fighting against chronic illness.

InMovement is a new business concept dedicated to addressing workplace inactivity and combating the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Born from the Life Fitness heritage in biomechanics - the study of how movement affects the human body - InMovement maintains a mission focused on integrating subtle movement into an employee's daily work habits in a way that supports productivity and leads to greater overall health returns. 

The InMovement foundation rests on its innovative series of movement-enabling workplace equipment, a system of programs designed for office engagement and tracking technology, which work together to provide easy office solutions that are measurable. 

The InMovement Effect

We've already changed lives and helped companies thrive. See what we've done for companies like GE and others.