Our Story

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At InMovement, we believe that integrating movement into daily job function is the key to creating happier and healthier employees and companies. The Movement started small – at our own offices – but after we experienced the benefits of the movement-enabled workday, we knew we were on to something we had to share.

A Fitness Heritage

Several years ago, as we studied the science of movement at Life Fitness, a question dawned on us. If the benefits of being active are so clear and strong, what were we doing to ourselves by spending so many hours each day not moving? We dug into our library of research, and it became obvious that so much sitting is causing harm: putting us at risk for disease, causing pain and hurting morale.

Not coincidentally, Life Fitness employees had already started to make small tweaks to their workspaces, seeking comfort and flexibility. Norma Diaz stacked her monitor on two reams of copy paper so that she could stand during the day. Mike Rotz started taking walking meetings.

And so we started thinking, people want to move but they didn’t have the support and resources to do so. What if we redesigned the workplace around those intuitive changes, providing employees with the freedom to be active at their jobs? What if we could give employees the movement-enabled space they wanted, helping them trade the harms of sitting for the benefits of standing and walking?

With those questions in mind, InMovement was born, pioneering a new category in the wellness landscape: productive well-being. We've envisioned, prototyped and evaluated unique offerings that bring small movements into the workday, boosting productivity and health without interrupting workflow.

Our products and programs are tested at our offices where we have demanding standards for what passes. The desire for an activated workplace is mounting. Every day we meet companies that are aware of the effects of prolonged sitting, and employees looking for ways to be happier, healthier and more engaged.

Our mission is to bring movement to the modern workday which is key to achieving healthy, happy, more productive days and lives. Join us!

We're on a mission to make positive change

The InMovement Standing Desk improves comfort, health and workplace productivity. Transform your existing desk into a sit to stand desk, available in three colors.