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The key to InMovement's success

is combining small changes to create a big impact. We're outcomes-based, because we know that complicated biometrics and advanced fitness programming doesn't mean a thing if you don't feel better.

Movement Enabled Workplace.

America hates sitting—67% of us to be exact. Although wellness programs through work are focused on exercise and losing weight, only 15% of employees actually participate in them. And even then, working out isn’t enough to counteract the detrimental effects of a sedentary workplace. As a determined workforce, we don’t have the time to change in and out of our exercise clothes and work up a sweat at the office, where we spend a considerable amount of our time.

The solution is easy: simple movement in the workplace. And while it isn’t radical, it’s a vital shift in how we work. A re-engineered workplace that allows for a little more movement improves the health of our employees and businesses. With the option to work both seated or standing, 60% of employees believe they’ll be more productive. It’s a fact.

We talked to current InMovement participants about how they feel now versus how they felt before incorporating movement into their workday and this is what they told us...

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