Standing Desks For Home Or For Work

Reimagine The Way You Work

Moving the Workday Forward

By now you've likely heard the news about the dangers associated with all-day sitting. Thankfully, InMovement has developed a line of stylish and effective standing desks which allow you to turn your existing desk into a fully adjustable sit-to-stand unit. 

Live Happier

Live Happier

Standing for part of the day can lead to better moods. 

Live longer with inmovement

Live Healthier

Incorporating small movement into your day reduces the risk of serious illness.  

Live Longer

Live Longer

Spending less than 3 hours a day sitting can add two years to your life expectancy.  

InMovement Standing Desk

10 Adjustable Height Settings

Designed to accommodate most user heights, the InMovement Standing Desk can extend up to 19" above your existing workstation - no assembly required!

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