Mercury Marine strives to make every moment on the water count and brings their passion and experience to bear when designing, manufacturing and selling Mercury boat motors.

While they aim to provide the industry’s best ownership experience for customers, Mercury Marine recognized they also want to make the best workplace experience available for their employees.

Forty Mercury Marine employees from sales, human resources and procurement were polled and reported a high level of inactivity in the workplace. They were exhibiting a variety of health concerns typical of people who spend too much time sitting, such as stiffness, fatigue, sore shoulders and back pain. 

     55% reported being not particularly or rarely active – including sitting the vast majority of the day and rarely walking around. 
  35% reported being somewhat physically active and trying to walk or take the stairs when possible and/or occasionally walking or moving around the office.
   10% reported being very physically active and engaging in regular movement, like standing when possible and taking the stairs if available. 

While they were satisfied with their jobs, Mercury Marine employees expressed interest in finding opportunities to incorporate more movement into their workday.

“I had more energy throughout the day and was better able to maintain focus.”

Staying true to their motto, “We’re here to exceed expectations,” Mercury Marine partnered with InMovement to inspire change and remove barriers to workday movement.

Together, they implemented education programming aimed at addressing the harmful effects of a sedentary day while driving engagement and encouraging participation. In addition to education sessions and weekly emails, everyone in the program had access to InMovement’s line of workplace tools and furnishings designed to get people moving including:

- InMovement™ TreadMill Desk – An adjustable, ergonomic desk equipped with a silent motor and speeds that are optimal for walking while working
- Elevate Desktop™ DT3 – Adjustable height workstations that incorporate the benefits of standing while working
- Integrate™ Anti-Fatigue Mat – Provides comfort and support while alleviating the aches and pains associated with standing
- Integrate™ Accessories – The Integrate Calf Stretch, Weighted Hand Balls, Desk Pedals and Stretch Bands provide opportunities for simple movement at an individual’s workstation

I really like standing instead of sitting. I stand about 95% of the day.”

Since program launch, Mercury Marine has seen a high level of interest from employees and a consistent growth in the number of new participants. The percentage of employees saying they sit at their desk for less than half of the workday has grown from 18% to 62%. Those shifts are due in part to positive changes in work habits including incorporating an InMovement Elevate Desktop. 

A staggering 88% of employees reported improvement in their overall sense of wellbeing and all participants saw improvement in at least one biometric marker after 60 days.

55% lost weight 

33% improved blood pressure 

52% improved good cholesterol 

65% improved bad cholesterol 

48% improved triglyceride 

53% improved blood glucose 

Additional benchmarks include:

6,810 = Average daily number of steps per employee 

85% = Employee involvement 

In partnering with InMovement, Mercury Marine employees reaped the health and wellness benefits of adding more movement into the workday. “I think it (InMovement) has been really beneficial; I just enjoy standing more and I don’t feel tired.”

Success was measured by:

Positive customer feedback: “I had more energy throughout the day.”

Visible change in work behaviors

Employees reported increased movement and workplace activity

100% of employees would recommend InMovement

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