Health at Home

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You don’t have to choose between earning a living and living healthy. It’s time to reimagine the way we work by blending healthy behavior and productivity, even at home. Standing and moving while you work can help to maintain and improve health. We call it productive well-being.

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Take a Stand

The human body was meant to move, but the way we work has become so inactive that it’s affecting our health. Even a daily workout can’t undo the damage. We don’t have to take it sitting down. Standing more throughout the day has been linked to more energy, improved mood and better health.

  • Always on the go

    Professionals are busier than ever. The Elevate Desktop DT1 is perfect for the home-based worker who needs quick flexibility where they work. Built for laptops, the DT1 clamps to most tabletops and swings out of the way when not in use.

  • Screen Power

    Home studios often log the most all-day screen time. Don’t be trapped in your chair. The Elevate Desktop DT2 provides a full desktop for creative chaos and DT3 supports multiple monitors for professionals needing ample screen space.

  • Fitting it in

    Don’t leave your fitness goals at the door. The InMovement TreadMill Desk helps maintain your healthy lifestyle while on the job. Working while walking has also been linked to increased energy, alertness and productivity.

The InMovement Effect

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