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InMovement commissioned the 2015 State of Workplace Health Survey and found that not only are office professionals spending the majority of their day sitting, but they are experiencing the negative effects that a sedentary lifestyle has on their bodies and minds—from weight gain and fatigue to increased stress and frustration.

Movement in the Office

A New Way to Work

A sedentary workday is hurting the health, happiness and productivity of employees, which ultimately hurts companies. According to a recent survey commissioned by InMovement, nearly half of office professionals surveyed do not feel as though their employer cares about their physical health. But recent research from InMovement shows that a movement-enabled workday can be the solution to boosting employee morale. 

In fact, 97% of office professionals feel that working for an employer that allowed and encouraged more movement during the workday would have a positive impact on them. Linked with favorable employee retention and attracting top talent, the movement-enabled workplace is the new way to work. 

We offer treadmill desks, adjustable height desks and productive well-being accessories to help companies bring movement back to their workplace. 

The research

The 2015 State of Workplace Health Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research among 1,000 U.S. office professionals, employed full time, at companies with 50+ employees.