Unsit™ Under Desk Treadmill


🚚 Ships in: 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS

Meet the Unsit Under Desk Treadmill:



Finally, there's an easy way to stay active while you work!  The Unsit Treadmill is the perfect way to maximize your NON-EXERCISE ACTIVITY and power a healthier, happier and better you.

Designed with a unique short/wide footprint, the Unsit Treadmill Desk makes the most of the limited space in your home or office, with more usable walking surface where you need it and less where you don't. Now you can to use the full width of your desk, without sticking out into your office.


*IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need 39" of space between your desk legs, in order to fit the Unsit Treadmill underneath your current standing desk.  (if you don't have enough space, email us, and we can send instructions to help you widen the legs of your desk)

InMovement - Unsit Treadmill compared to traditional treadmills

> 55% more usable walking space

> Built to last - heavy duty commercial grade construction

> Library quiet - don't disturb your coworkers

> Ultra safe - 50% wider & unique auto shut off feature

> Bluetooth app - for tracking your steps & progress

> Sleek and simple controls

Unsit Mobile App

Assembling the Unsit Treadmill

Unsit Treadmill Specifications:

> Dimensions:                      39" wide x 56" Long

> Walk Surface:                    30" wide x 40" long

> Step up Height:                 5"

> Weight:                               162 lbs.

> Speed:                                0.3 - 2.0 MPH

> Max Load:                          400 lbs.

> Electrical:                           120VAC - 60Hz - 6amp - 600 watt

> Outlet:                                 120VAC - 20 amp (dedicated circuit recommended)

> Horsepower:                       2.75 @ 4,000 RPM Treadmill duty

> Amperage:                          1.5 @ 2MPH w/ 170 lb person

> Noise Level:                        42.9 dB - ear level at 2 MPH

> Shipping Dimensions:     62" x 42" x 10" - 182 lbs.

> Warranty:                           Frame = Lifetime

                                                Parts = 2 years

                                                Labor = 1 year

InMovement Unsit Treadmill Dimensions

Shipping Details:

All UnSit Treadmill Desks ship from our warehouse in Indianapolis.  Orders typically ship within 2 business days, and can take anywhere from 2-10 days in transit.


We now ship all US orders exclusively with Fedex Freight (excluding Canada), to ensure that all shipments will be delivered consistently and with good care - and to give you the added benefit of full tracking transparency (most other freight carriers don't offer great shipment tracking).

There are three different shipping options for you to choose from:

    The Freight Carrier will deliver the pallet with your Treadmill Desk onto your property, but they are not obligated to get it inside your home or office.

    The Carrier will call and schedule a time window and the driver will move the boxes inside your home or office to a room of your choice.  They may also help remove the packaging if you choose to have them do so. NOTE: In commercial office buildings the driver is only obligated to bring the treadmill past the “first threshold” of the building. They may not bring it up elevators or down long corridors. 

    InMovement will contract with a qualified treadmill technician in your area, ship your Treadmill Desk to them and they will schedule an appointment, assemble and install your new Treadmill Desk where you want it. The White Glove Service provider will remove the shipping carton and materials.

The Unsit Treadmill is packaged in a sturdy carton and strapped - along with the Unsit Standing Desk - to a custom wood pallet for secure handling by the freight company. Once the treadmill ships, we will email you a tracking number (aka; PRO number). The freight company should call you to schedule a delivery but you can speed things up by calling the freight company when you receive your tracking number and schedule a delivery date. With curbside service the truck driver is only obligated to deliver the pallet onto your property. Sometimes they will help move it all the way inside but typically they will leave it on your driveway or move it into a garage if easily accessible. (See notes about Curbside Service or White Glove Service above).

Once on your property, cut the black bands that hold the treadmill to the pallet. You can either unpack the treadmill and wheel it in on a dolly or on the treadmill’s front wheels, OR, two people can carry the whole box inside by lifting the carton by the yellow bands, then unpack it once inside. In some cases, it is better to move the treadmill in while it is still in the carton as you can drag the carton on its side and the treadmill will be protected. In other cases it is better to remove the treadmill from the carton outside and have two strong people carry and wheel it in.


We’re so confident you’ll love your Unsit Treadmill that if you’re not happy in the first 30 days you can return it for a FULL REFUND, minus the cost of shipping.

Here's how it works:

If you purchased direct from InMovement, e-mail us for a written authorization/approval. To receive your refund or credit, you MUST CONTACT InMovement via email within 30 DAYS of receiving delivery of the treadmill desk.

InMovement will setup the return shipment and arrange for pick up from your location.  Please allow for 5-10 business days for scheduling and pickup.

You are responsible for the cost of the return freight to InMovement, which varies from $250 - $500, depending on your location. 

Items must be returned un-damaged and in new condition and MUST BE REPACKED IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING and on the ORIGINAL PALLET.  Without the packaging and pallet, we have to send a white glove service with a custom pallet to come to your location and re-package the treadmill before returning the shipment.  This can add as much as $400 - $500 to the cost of the return.

*If you have any uncertainty about keeping your treadmill, please make sure you keep the original packaging and pallet until you decide to keep the treadmill*

Once we receive your returned product, we will inspect the treadmill and then credit your purchase using the original form of payment within five business days of receiving the product at our warehouse. Added delivery and installation fees will NOT be refunded (i.e. white glove or inside delivery).


Why buy the Unsit Under Desk Treadmill:

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Jeremy Stout
Love it, well built, really well built.

This things solid. So wide too, wider than any other treadmill I have. It’s perfect for under desk use. It’s wide enough I can put my office chair on it to sit and eat lunch, then remove it and stand to work the rest of the day. I go into my office in the evenings and check and respond to emails. So I get even more steps in. My step count has gone up 2-3,000 steps a day on average and I don’t have the treadmill on all the time, I could be getting way more but I forget to turn it on sometimes. Anyway, well worth the money, it’s literally like gym quality equipment. Will last a long time and is really quiet.

Gregg Powell
Great treadmill and desk. Need more obvious instructions...

The quality of the treadmill and desk is top notch. Not like most consumer grade products. The only issue I had was, the should be some kind of bold printed paper added to the standing desk table in large red letters instructing the person assembling the table that the center rail component that holds the legs together must be EXPANDED to accommodate the width of the treadmill. If you don't expand the center rail, it looks like the treadmill will fit, but it doesn't, and you'll chip the paint on the legs like I did. Of course, is you read the fine print in the instructions, there is a vague reference to this. But, being the typical guy, who doesn't read instructions until I hit a snag. Just something simple... Like... "EXPAND CENTER RAIL SO WIDTH OF TABLE ACCOMMODATES TREADMILL". That might save some headaches. Worse yet, when I called the company to explain the problem, all the lady could tell me is essentially "well, it does fit" which caused me to a attempt putting the treadmill between the legs, only to scratch the paint. I was not told... "Hey, just find the somewhat hidden hex bolts used to expand the center rail". Aside from that, the app is supposed to work with the treadmill is worthless and does not work. So, without a pedometer, you have no way of knowing how far your have walked. And fyi ... pedometers contained in watched don't work if you're working on the desk because your hands are resting on the desk. Your need a clip on pedometer to go on your waist. Overall, I'm satisfied because it keeps me moving and eliminates back problems. I average 30000 steps every day now. Now, getting on my mountain bike at the end of the day to get my reps and time in is no longer compulsory since I've done enough for a moderate level is fitness.

Paul W Frields
Check my blog for an authentic review!

Here's where I posted a review of the Unsit Treadmill to my personal blog. You can see from my site there's no affiliation, and not even any advertising for anyone. https://paul.frields.org/2023/02/24/unsit-treadmill/

Money Well Spent

I can't stress enough how this was one of the best purchases I have made for my full time WFH. In May 2022, I switched jobs and was working remote full time. I kept saying I wanted a standing desk converter but didn't want to change the appearance of my office desk. I also wanted a way to my body some movement from not being in a physical office. Then I found Unsit Treadmill Desk. I did a lot of research and decided on Unsit. First the platform is heavy duty, great warranty and it's wider than other treadmills. It has really changed my activity working at home and enjoy switching between my normal sit down desk and the treadmill desk. i am getting more exercise and dont feel still anymore from sitting for long periods. It took a few days getting used to is and I have been slowly increasing time and speed to find the right balance that works for me. Lastly, Inmovement's customer service is fantastic.

Happy Customer
Love my UnSit desk

I work from home and wanted to make changes to my activity patterns in the new year. I also didn’t want junky equipment. UnSit is super high quality and fairly priced. I purchased the extra service to have the unit set up inside my home because there are stairs. Customer service was great from order to set-up.