Benefits of Movement: Increased Productivity

2 min read

Movement can do great things for your body, like reduce aches and pains and improve your metabolism. But did you know that movement is also good for the mind? At InMovement, we’re pioneering Productive Wellbeing - the blending of healthy behavior like standing and moving with your daily job.

Prolonged sitting leads to poor blood flow. As you move more throughout the day, your body is able to maintain optimal circulation to the brain, which is linked to improved cognitive function.

Studies have shown that healthy employees tend to be healthier. In fact, increased movement can lead to improvement in motor function, attention and even cognitive speed, all which have the potential to impact your work performance.

Movement at work can also help individuals work better in the group setting. One benefit to workplace movement is that when employees are out of their seats, they are more likely to run into coworkers, which leads to creative conversations and cross-functional solutions.

A standing meeting is also beneficial to the meeting dynamic. In fact, according to a 2014 study at Washington University in St. Louis, university students demonstrated better collaboration skills while standing, when compared to a regular sitting meeting. Higher levels of engagement have also been observed in the group setting.

Walking meetings are a great way to bolster productivity, too. When two people take a walking meeting, typical hierarchical work distinctions that you might observe when they are sitting across from each other in an office or conference room are less obvious. This sets people at ease and creates a positive atmosphere, leading to honest conversations and higher levels of engagement.

To get your brain ready for the day, try using an InMovement Standing Desk, hosting a walking meeting, or just taking a lap around the office. Let us know increased movement has helped you come up with new ideas in the comment section!