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Compare Unsit Against the Others

Unsit vs The Competition:

See how the Unsit Treadmill compares to Lifespan, iMovR, Rebel and Steelcase.


Unsit vs the competition

¹ Decibel Levels vary greatly depending on the acoustics of the room they are measured.

² TUV meets and exceeds ETL and UL safety standards.[1]

³ National Gym Supply is an international provider of services and parts since 1992. NGS has a nationwide network of certified treadmill technicians.

⁴ The WALK-1 is uniquely geared to produce maximum power at slow speeds delivering a smooth quiet walking experience and the lowest amperage draw under load indicating its high degree of efficiency.

⁵ Horsepower is a rating that depends on multiple variables. The actual amount of power delivered to the walking belt depends on gearing.