Unsit Treadmill FAQ

General Treadmill Questions:

The UnSit Treadmill is designed to fit under the most common Stand-Up Desks. The Unsit is 39" wide, so make sure you have at least 40" of space BETWEEN the two upright legs of your desk and that there are no crossbars below one foot off the floor.

Most InMovement customers find an "Active Stool" to be the perfect solution for the occasional sitting break. These stools encourage you to keep engaged and move - even while sitting - and the can easily be placed on top of the treadmill, and removed.

You can also try using a stability ball, or even a normal chair.  We don't recommend using chairs with wheels (for safety reasons), but the belt and treadmill are sturdy enough that they won't be damaged.

The Unsit Treadmill is designed for commercial use, and therefore can be used all day. As for your body, if you have no inhibiting orthopedic problems and are in good health then you can quickly work up to walking all day. Many UnSitters walk over 5 miles per day.

No. Contrary to what our competitors say, you do not need a long runway of treadmill behind you because the Unsit Treadmill can only go 2mph, thus your stride length is very short. (Other treadmills can go faster thus they must provide a longer runway behind you). If you did walk near the back of a long treadmill you could not reach your desk. With over 300 Unsit Treadmills in use, no one has ever complained of feeling the back roller and they all appreciate the space they save behind their desk. We even have some famous basketball players walking on the UnSit Treadmill and loving it!

Yes. 2mph is plenty fast. Before we produced the Unsit we gathered data in a year long beta trial. The average person walks at only 8/10ths mph, (less than 1mph). Walking much faster than 2mph would make it very difficult to perform tasks at your desk. If you want to walk faster than 2 mph you really need a fitness treadmill and you need to be dressed for exercise. Remember, Treadmill Desks are NOT for vigorous exercise - they are to replace your chair.

Yes, the Unsit Treadmill stops immediately every time you step off. And, unlike competitors, the Unsit stops immediately, everytime, and at any speed (some other treadmill desks will stop but only after 30 seconds and at speeds above 1mph). As an added safety benefit, the Unsit Treadmill will not start unless someone over 70 lbs is standing on it, making it especially safe around children.

To restart the treadmill, simply press the controller wheel when you get back on to resume at the same speed.

Not loud at all. In fact, it is very quiet. We measured the decibel level at 42.9dB at ear level with the treadmill going 2mph in a quiet room with hard floors. (Most people use the treadmill at only 1mph. Decibal level readings vary depending on the acoustics of the room. If you're on a hard surface floor (tile or hardwood) it will sound a bit louder. On a soft floor such as a padded carpet you'll hardly hear it. If you're in a pitch quiet recording studio you'll hear it. In a normal office environment you won't notice it, BUT you might hear the sound of shoes clomping, depending on how hard people walk.

Yes, UnSit under desk treadmills come with the following warranties, valid in the United States and Canada only:

>FRAME -- Lifetime

>All other parts -- 2 years

>Labor to replace parts -- 1 year

*For more information, visit our Unsit Treadmill Warranty page*

Shipping and Handling

The Unsit Treadmill ships on a pallet via motor freight (they are too big to ship with UPS or FedEx). We handle and ship the treadmills from our warehouse in Indianapolis. You will need to make an appointment with the freight carrier for delivery and have adequate help to move it in to your home or office. UnSit can arrange for White Glove installation service where a qualified service provider will deliver and install your Treadmill Desk.

You'll find more detailed shipping information on the Unsit Treadmill product pages.

The Unsit Treadmill has specially designed wheels that carry most of the weight of the treadmill and engage immediately when you lift from the rear making it very easy to maneuver. It is not practical to move the treadmill frequently. If you want to move it out of the way so you can use a chair, take a look at the FAQ above, "Where will I sit?"

InMovement has a network of independent treadmill technicians across the United States. We have a partnership with National Gym Supply and have relationships with treadmill technicians who have had factory training from major manufacturers of treadmills and fitness equipment. We can dispatch a treadmill technician in most major metropolitan areas. In addition, we can support a non-treadmill technician such as an electrician or mechanic with parts and phone support, so they can service your treadmill.

Unsit Tracking App

The App tracks steps, distance, time, calories, standing time and Total UnSit Time, which is the total time you walked and/or stood on the Unsit Treadmill. The app runs on both Android tablets and phones and iOS iPhones but NOT iPads. The App automatically sends its data to Apple Health and/or to your Fitbit account and to our web app where an accumulation of all steps taken by UnSit users is displayed on top of our website. Simply download the UnSit App from the Apple App Store or Google Play , place your smartphone on your desk, launch the App and tap the "connect" button (Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is on).

The UnSit App is most accurate because FitBit and Apple Health just estimate steps using the accelerometer in their device to sense the swing your arm. From that step count they estimate distance covered assuming you covered about 2.3 feet per step. However the UnSit App receives exact data from the treadmill. The treadmill senses each foot strike and transmits each step to the App. The treadmill accurately measures distance the belt has moved and transmits the distance separately to the App.

NOTE: When walking on a treadmill desk, people tend to walk MUCH SLOWER than a person outside striding for exercise. Outdoors, people tend to walk about 3 mph and so the estimate of 2.3 feet per step is true. But on a treadmill desk people tend to walk at about 1 mph thus the distance they cover per step is probably about half that of someone walking fast outdoors and therefore the discrepancy in data shown on your FitBit or Apple Health App.


> Are the LED lights on the controller blinking? If YES, continue, if NO, skip to next section...

> Are you standing on the belt?

> If not, try standing on the belt. (the treadmill won't operate without someone on the treadmill)

> If you ARE standing on the belt, then re-calibrate the weight sensor (see instructions below)

Video: Power Troubleshooting

> Check that the red “on/off” switch on the front of the treadmill is switched on. It will light up RED when it is on. If the red switch does NOT light up then there is no power reaching the treadmill.

> Check that the treadmill’s power cord is plugged into a working electrical outlet. You can verify your outlet is working by plugging in another appliance.

> Check that the circuit breaker located next to the power switched has not popped out. If it has popped out, press it firmly back in.

> Check that the red lanyard is securely connected into the Emergency Stop mechanism under your desk. You will feel it click and lock itself in place when secure. If you lost your lanyard, call or email UnSit for a replacement.

> Check that the black telephone cable that connects the Emergency Stop mechanism to the black controller box is securely plugged on BOTH ends. The telephone cable plugs into the back of the white emergency Stop mechanism under your desk and the other end plugs in to the back of the black controller box on your desk. Both ends must be securely plugged in.

> Check that the black coiled cable from the treadmill is securely plugged into the back of the controller box by pressing on the white 12-pin connector. You may need a small Philips head screw drive to remove the cable clamp on the back of the controller.

If you have determined that the weight sensors are not functioning (see above), you can re-calibrate following these directions. There is also a video here on the Support page showing this procedure. The procedure is:

1> Make sure no one is standing on the belt (during this procedure)

2> Turn off the power at the switch on the base of the treadmill

3> While holding down the Pause/Resume button (⏯) turn the power on

4> Continue holding down ⏯ until all lights flash ORANGE, then lights 1-5 light up RED

5> When lights 1-5 are lit up RED, you are in engineering mode and one of the 5 lights will be blinking

6> Turn the ⏯ knob until the FIRST (bottom) LED is blinking red, then press the ⏯ button again. The first LED will now flash GREEN followed by lights 5-8 and then lights 1-4. This will repeat 3 times, then all lights will light ORANGE, indicating a successful calibration. (YOU DID IT!)

If the series of lights did not flash green, then repeat this procedure. Once successfully completed the treadmill should operate normally.

Video: Calibrating Weight Sensors

Adjust the belt using per the directions on pages 23-24 of the Owner’s Manual. You will need the blue handled Allen key wrench that came with your treadmill. If you cannot find the blue handled Allen key wrench contact UnSit for a replacement or use a 6mm Allen key wrench from any hardware store.

There is a video showing how to adjust the belt on the Support page.

If necessary, an experienced treadmill technician can make this adjustment. Contact UnSit for a referral to a technician near you.

> Look to see if the belt has wandered all the way to one side of the treadmill. You will see a black strip on one side and the belt running under the metal side rail on the other side. If this is the case, adjust the belt per the directions above.

> If the belt appears to be centered, then check to make sure no foreign objects have fallen behind or underneath the treadmill and are rubbing on the belt.

This may be a bad bearing inside the rollers. You’ll need to have an experienced treadmill technician check it and perhaps replace the roller. Call InMovement for a referral to a technician near you: 833-987-6683