Unsit Treadmill Desk Reviews and Case Studies

Unsit Treadmill Testimonials from Real Users


Unsit Treadmill at Ring offices with Elliot Lemberger standing on it

Elliot Lemberger

Lead User Experience Designer - RING.com

“I love my Unsit under desk treadmill.  Since I added it under my Standing Desk my energy level, and degree of focus are better.  I feel less sluggish at the end of a long day. 

I'm now walking 4+ miles a day...WHILE WORKING and don’t even notice the miles going by.

I dedicated an Android tablet to use the UnSit App so it never has to disconnect. The stats motivate me to keep moving.

The best thing about the UnSit WALK-1 Treadmill is the form factor. I have a large desk with a two big monitors, and was worried I’d be stepping off the edge, but not with this treadmill. I have plenty of room to move around the whole width of my desk.  I’ve even had co-workers walk side by side with me while working on a document together.

This is a game-changing product as far as I’m concerned.”


Lisa Witt


“As a school teacher for 13 years I witnessed how much better kids learned when allowed to move. When I introduced stability balls and active seating solutions in my classrooms kids learned better and loved school more. So I founded WittFitt to help schools convert their classrooms to dynamic, movement-oriented environments. Having been active all my life and now being in the business of promoting movement in schools, sitting at a desk was not an option for me.

I invested in a standing desk and use stability balls and rocking stools throughout the day. However, many days my body asks for more so I bought an Unsit under desk treadmill to go with my stand up desk.

The treadmill fit easily under my desk. The extra width allows me to reach everything on my desk without missing a step. The treadmill was pretty much plug and play out of the box, we only had to attach the emergency stop switch under the desk. Now I can walk and work at the same time and my body feels amazing. With each step I feel more energized than ever before!”


Unsit Treadmill Desk with Lisa Witt walking on it, shot from behind

Several Unsit Treadmill Desks being used in cubicles in a Multi-Bank Securities Office

Dave Cooper

Chief Technology Officer - Multi-Bank Securities

"As Chief Technology Officer at Multi-Bank Securities I oversee five locations around the USA. When I noticed our Traders installing treadmills under their desks I knew I had to get involved. At first I thought these guys were crazy but soon learned walking at their desks (instead of sitting all day) gave them MORE energy and makes them sharper mentally. I decided to try it myself and bought a stand up desk. Soon I too had a treadmill under my desk and now I’m logging in over 8,000 steps per day.

We decided to make under desk treadmills available company wide. We now have over 16 installed and looking at more.

I chose the Unsit under desk treadmill because its shorter length doesn’t block the egress in our aisle ways (very important for emergency exiting in a busy office environment) and the wider treadmill allows our people to make use of the whole width of their desks without having to step up and down off the treadmill platform. I also like the redundant safety stop mechanisms.

Some of our people did have difficulty connecting up the UnSit App but UnSit’s people were all over it and provided updates that have improved the situation.

I highly recommend treadmill desks and the Unsit Treadmill specifically."


Laurel Shepard

Software Engineer

"I had been coveting the Unsit Treadmill Desk for months after I saw a demo. I hesitated over the price tag for a long time, but now, after walking at my desk for the past three months I am SO HAPPY! This desk is unique in its size, design, philosophy, and delivery. I was so impressed with the passion and thought behind the product, and the attentive customer service BEFORE I ever made the purchase. They were genuinely interested in my learning about treadmill & standing desks BEFORE I bought anything and there was never any pressure -- just helpful information.

As a software engineer I have spent decades in front of a computer. Working on a treadmill desk has made a huge difference in my work day, my mood and my physical well-being.

It did take me a couple of weeks to get the hang of typing and walking at the same time. But now I can type, walk, join conference calls and read emails while walking, with ease, and I am notoriously uncoordinated.

I positioned my UnSit Desk facing a large window, so I get a nice perspective when I'm walking and talking. I love that I can adjust the desk to different heights, and the treadmill to different speeds. The speed range is slow for walking and working. I set the dial a bit slower when writing/typing and speed it up when talking/reading. The UnSit App tracks my steps and mileage throughout the day which is motivating."

It's rare when a single purchase changes your life, this one has mine. The UnSit Treadmill Desk is the best office equipment purchase I've made in a long time!


Laurel Shepard standing on her Unsit Treadmill Desk shot from right side

Unsit Treadmill shot from back left side with Jeff Eulberg standing on treadmill

Jeff Eulberg

Director of Wealth Management, Evergreen | GaveKal

"I absolutely love my UNSIT TREADMILL DESK, it has changed my entire mentality about going to work at the office. Within my job responsibilities, I'm fortunate that I'm able to pretty much work anywhere that has an internet connection. And, in the past, I strongly preferred working at my home office to eliminate distractions. Now, you can't keep me out of my office at work unless it's absolutely required.

I feel more focused working on my treadmill desk. I have more energy throughout the day than I can ever remember having. And, if I'm too busy to work out, I'm certainly comforted by walking on the treadmill as much as possible.

When I first purchased the UNSIT I assumed there would still be tasks that required I sit to complete. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I can do everything that I need to accomplish throughout the day while walking.

I can write thank you letters or even long and complex e-mails if necessary, walking hasn't hindered me in anyway. In fact, it's gotten to a point where co-workers are shocked to find me I sitting.

I'm a true convert and an UnSitter for life.”


Jacki Burge

Founder & CEO, Desk Yogi

"I own Desk-yogi.com, an online program for helping people with desk jobs get some movement in their work day. I'm always trying new things and was searching for ways to get a break from sitting all day. I wanted a change of pace in my personal life as well. I was looking for something to help me get more movement in my work day. I chose the UNSIT TREADMILL for my stand up desk because it looked cool and has a unique shape, much wider and shorter than a fitness treadmill. The width allows me to use my whole desk.

I do wish it went faster and it is a bit noisy but does seem quieter than a treadmill in a gym. I like the App, it has a clean simple interface but I have had to re-launch it a few times to re-connect, but once up and running its motivating to see your step count.

Since I was already using a standing desk, I didn’t have any trouble using the treadmill all day. I do pause and stand a lot and I take sitting breaks for lunch and to meet with people. I'd say I'm on it 80% of the day and sitting 20%."


Jacki Burge of Desk Yogi demonstrating the Unsit Treadmill

Gunnar Peterson Headshot - Unsit Treadmill User


Gunnar Peterson

Personal Trainer, GunnarPeterson.com

"I love this Treadmill Desk! Before, when I did my office work at a sitting desk, I would have to go outside on walking breaks to re-energize. If I didn’t I would get tired in the afternoon and doze off at my desk. But now I’m always up and moving at my desk. My circulation has improved, I’m sharper mentally and I’m getting more done. I’m burning more calories too which is an added bonus. These desks should be mandatory in all corporate office environments!"


Jonathan Ferebee

“My journey began six years ago. I was experiencing lower back pain when sitting for long periods of time. I upgraded my chair to an adjustable Aeron chair. My new chair was very comfortable, but my posture remained poor and pain returned to my lower back.

Around the same time, I read several articles about how “sitting was killing us” so I decided to “save myself” and with a new standing desk. Wow! What a positive difference standing made on my lower back pain, but after a while, I started feeling aches, pains and stiffness in other places. Getting up out of my chair helped but standing turned out to be only part of the solution. I was committed to working on my feet, but I needed to add some movement as standing felt static and my legs ached.

Coincidentally, my brother’s company, ActivEd had produced a new program called WalkAbouts, an active learning platform for schools. WalkAbouts was further proof of the positive physical and mental benefits of moving compared to sitting and it validated my thoughts about moving while working.

So I started researching under desk treadmills. I wanted a treadmill that was built for slow speed walking. To fit with my desk I needed a treadmill wider than a traditional treadmill and much shorter. I thought I’d never find what I needed, until I came across the UnSit.

In my first week with the Unsit Under Desk Treadmill I averaged 5 miles a day and I can already tell how movement solves the downsides to standing. I can do everything I normally would do at my desk while walking.

The iOS app is a great motivator as it tracks your progress. Rob and the entire company have been awesome to work with!”


Jonathan Ferebee standing on his Unsit Treadmill Desk, short from back left

Diann Wingert standing on her Unsit Treadmill Desk shot from back right

Diann Wingert

Diann Wingert Coaching

"As a psychotherapist and executive coach, I spent years sitting all day. While my work is mental I was feeling physically fatigued by the middle of the afternoon. I have good lifestyle habits of meditation and exercise, a decent diet, adequate sleep and plenty of water, yet I was still feeling tired and didn’t know why.

Even though I spent an hour at the gym every morning my lifestyle was still sedentary from all that sitting. When I learned about treadmill desks, I knew I had found my solution.

Having an UnSit treadmill desk has revolutionized my work day. The desk surface is large, and I can adjust the height for standing, sitting or walking. I love having options and being able to shift when I feel the need to “change gears.” Now I feel mentally and physically alert all day long and that is awesome.

I’m recommending the UnSit treadmill desks to all of my coaching clients, especially the creative types and entrepreneurs. Learn more about how I help Entrepreneurs succeed on my here on my website. Walking while working is especially helpful for adults with ADHD (like myself) because our brains work better when we are in motion.

Honestly, I cannot believe what a difference walking has made in my own creativity and productivity. Research has shown that physical activity improves mental focus and decreases distractibility, issues I struggle with. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to read, write and browse online while walking, but I picked it up quickly and now it’s a breeze. And it’s fun to track my steps using the UnSit App.

It used to feel normal to me to sit all day, but I had no idea how much it was slowing me down, mentally and physically.I have also noticed that I have less back and neck pain, which my physical therapist told me was from too much sitting. Switching to a treadmill desk has made me a true believer in walking while I work.

There are other companies with similar products, but the UnSit treadmill is truly a unique design and I received excellent customer service."