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InMovement Unsit Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Sit, stand or walk with the brand new Unsit Standing Desk by InMovement.  With an industry leading 54" maximum height, this desk has the adjustable range to fit users of all heights - from 5'0" to 6'6".  This added height range also makes the Unsit Desk uniquely ideal for use with an under desk treadmill, which typically raises you 5" - 6" off the ground.

This is not one of those desks that you'll be replacing or servicing in 6 - 12 months.  The Unsit Desk is built with high-grade industrial steel and precision manufactured with all the quality that you expect from an InMovement product.  

Assembling the Unsit Desk is an ultra easy 2-step process, so you can be standing in minutes without the need for professional installers.  A few screws to attach the top to the frame, then a couple more to attach the legs - and you're good to go.

Unsit Standing Desk - empty - black frame with teak top

Unsit Standing Desk Features:

  • 54" Max height (including top)
  • Perfect for Tall Users or for pairing with an Under Desk Treadmill
  • Built to commercial standards
  • Easy 2-step assembly


Unsit Standing Desk Specifications:

  • Height Range........... 28.4" - 54" (includes 1" think top)
  • Weight Capacity...... 220 lbs.
  • Top Dimensions...... 48" x 24"  -or-  60" x 30" 
    • NOTE: 48"x24" depth is designed small for use in your home. If you use a lot of desk space, we recommend the 60" top for the added depth
  • Controller............... 3-position memory controller
  • Frame Weight......... 78 lbs.
  • Top Weight............. 24" = 35 lbs. / 63" = 50 lbs.
  • Warranty................ 5 year for frame and motor / 2 year for electrical parts

Unsit 48" Standing Desk Specifications

Unsit 63" Standing Desk Specifications

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Samantha Schartman-Cycyk Homs one one
Many steps toward better health

Last year I started to become alarmed when many days I logged only 400 steps on my tracker for entire day….I work a desk job and now that I’ve been remote, I don’t need to go very far to reach my desk - adding the inmovement standing desk and treadmill has resulted in me getting about 15,000 steps on average day. I was worried that I would find excuses to avoid using this desk/treadmill- but this has not been the case. It took a few weeks to build up my stamina to be able to walk all day but now I love it. Worth while investment in my health!

Jennie Blatchford
Has exceeded my expectation

I love my standing desk! I use the different heights to move my table as necessary for my needs. The size is perfect for my space.
The design is beautiful and is really thought through.
I love the USB Port on the desk to charge my computer/phone.
I have a small treadmill under my desk.
The desk and treadmill have been a game changer for me in many ways!
I am very pleased. Very pleased.

Fabulous desk, even better customer service

I ordered the Unsit Desk after doing a *lot* of research on various standing desks. Ultimately, this one appealed to me because of the price, quality, the fact that it is produced in America, and the aesthetic of the teak (laminate) desktop. I also liked that the Unsit desk would be compatible with the under desk treadmill by InMovement, which I hope to get someday as well.

The desk arrived within a week of placing the order. (A huge bonus, considering many other companies are backordered during the pandemic.) It was easy to assemble, though the legs are heavy, so I recommend two people for safety.

However, upon assembly, the desk did not work. I got a strange error message on the keypad, and after many, many attempts and googling fixes, I reached out to customer service. They responded promptly, and I followed their instructions. Sadly, it still didn't work. At that point, Brian, the CEO, called me personally to tell me that they were trying to figure out what the strange error message was. Apparently *they* had never seen it before. (Just my luck.) He assured me they would take care of things ASAP. In the meantime, I did a closer examination of the desk frame and discovered that there was some damage to the wires near the motor box on one leg. I sent customer service photos of the damage, wondering if that was our issue.

All the back and forth took about 5 days, including 2 weekend days, during which their offices weren't open. After reviewing the photos, Brian and his team decided to send me a whole new base unit at no cost since they couldn't find a reset option that would work. The new desk base arrived the next week, and after I carefully examined it for damage (and found none), I set it up and it worked perfectly.

I've been using the Unsit Desk now for about a month, and I absolutely love it. The motors are fast and quiet. The height is perfect and the range wide enough to work for both me and my husband (I'm 5'6" and he's 6', so we don't require an extreme difference). The desk is really stable, even at the higher settings. There are adjustable knobs on the bottom of the feet, which is useful since mine sits partly on a rug and partly on the (old and uneven) wood floor. I love the look of the desk, too. It's gorgeous in my redesigned home office space. I'm so pleased with it!

A few small quibbles for the extra picky shopper:

1. I didn't realize that the teak desktop was actually a laminate. I'm not sure if I didn't read the website well enough or if the site didn't describe it with that word, but I was expecting a solid wood top. Though a laminate top was not my first choice, I am pleased with the appearance of this one. It has a lovely, honey almond tone and doesn't look cheap or plastic-y at all.

2. The holes for power cords on the desktop are a little oddly placed. They work, but it takes a little maneuvering to get the cords through because the holes are placed almost directly over the crossbar of the desk base. Not a huge deal.

I am so pleased with this purchase and highly recommend this company for both a quality product (my damaged first desk base was a fluke, I'm sure), and the excellent customer service! I am certain I would not have received such care and consideration from some of the larger, out-of-country based companies.

Do your body a favor and get this desk if you are considering making a switch!

Great product, great customer service

My Unsit standing desk is robust, heavy duty, and ergonomic. It meets my needs as I have been working from home lately. It is sturdy. I had a small issue when it first arrived. For some reason, the left leg was damaged. I emailed customer support and they asked me about the issue so they could troubleshoot, but there was some fluke with the product. They shipped me new working legs immediately and the desk is great.