Dear Friends,

My name is Brian Angel, and I'm the CEO and co-owner of InMovement.  Let me start by saying welcome, and thank you for visiting our website!  There are a lot of websites out there, so the significance of your visit is not lost on me!

InMovement is a small team of people with BIG intentions.  We seek to design and build products that make movement an easy and organic part of everyday life... almost like a habit (as it once was).

We are NOT a fitness company.  That need is very well addressed by many other companies around the world, so we wouldn't be much help if we just offered a new fitness solution. 

But fitness only takes up 30-60 minutes of your day.  What about the other 15 waking hours?  THAT is where we come in.  We help make sure that your body stays engaged and in motion - naturally - throughout the entirety of your day.

I also want to encourage you to think of us as more than just a product manufacturer.  We genuinely want to be your partner in creating a better life for yourself through movement.

We believe that the human body was meant to move, but as society has grown more and more sedentary, our health has deteriorated.  So, we seek to encourage and enable movement as a means of returning our bodies to their natural “human” condition - with stronger bodies, clearer minds and a more productive and fulfilling life.

So our real goal cannot be measured in dollars or sales.  Our true purpose is to create better lives, and we thank you for the chance to go on this journey with you!

Warmest regards,

Brian Angel
CEO - InMovement



Sitting is the new smoking icon

Sitting is the new Smoking

 If you sit most of the day, your risk of heart attach and chronic disease is about the same as if you smoke.

Why InMovement - Exercise is not enough icon

Exercise is not enough

30 minutes at the gym can't counteract the harmful effects of sitting for 8+ hours.

Why InMovement - Affects your mood icon

Affects your mood

Sitting for long periods of time is linked to depressive symptoms.

Why InMovement - Lowers your metabolism icon

Lowers your Metabolism

Calorie burning drops to about 1 per minute as soon as you sit down.

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