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>Ship date: Early October


Sitting doesn't mean you have to stop moving.  The Energy Stool is the ideal Active seat for a standing desk or a treadmill desk.

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InMovement Energy Stool for Treadmill Desks and Standing Desks

This "Active" seating option is perfect for pairing with a treadmill desk or standing desk.  Why not take some of the benefits of standing, and apply them while you sit?

The unique concave shape of the base allows the seat to shift and move with your body, helping promote ideal upper body posture and allowing you to sway and move almost as if you were standing.

Use it in a sitting or perching position, to help keep your hips open and minimize the strain of sitting on your back.

The stool is built with a "grippy" rubber base to avoid damage to your treadmill belt, and to ensure that the stool maintains good contact and grip with the floor or treadmill - even when in a leaning or perching position.

The Energy Stools is an ideal accessory to the Unsit Treadmill Desk, for when you need a break from walking and standing.  Or pair it with a standing desk, and make the most out of your sitting time.

Energy Stool Features:

> Allows you to stay mobile and active, even while seating

> Encourages good posture and core engagement

> Allows you to sit with your hips more open than traditional chairs - great for avoiding back problems

> Ideal for perching or sitting

Energy Stool Specifications:

  • Diameter.............. 14" (top and bottom)
  • Height Range....... 22" - 32" high
  • Weight................. 13.5 lbs.
  • Color.................... White frame - Gray upholstery
  • Warranty.............. 2 years

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jacqueline Swan
Good for work

Good for work, excellent fit with my walking desk, no regrets.

Even more of a plus, my toddler daughter likes to sit on the stool and have me push her around in a circle - bonus points!

Karthik Rajasekaran
Great stool

Combined with the treadmill desk, this stool is great. Very comfortable and I can easily alternate between the stool, standing, and walking. The only gripe I have is that the plastic tube part that is part of the stool seems to have been cracked while in the box. It doesn't affect the functionality of the stool at all, but it does look damaged .

Amy Greene

This treadmill desk absolutely changed my life for the better. I tried two different brands, ultimately either broken or with safety concerns. I have confidence in InMovement’s safety certification. The desk is very sturdy. The wide treadmill allows you to focus on your work instead of your feet landing.

I am averaging 24K steps a day.

Dave Breen
Almost perfect

Nice and quiet treadmill. The extra width over most treadmills is really important for me. The only improvement would to modify the controller to have your step count, calories, etc on a display rather than using a phone. If support was offered for iPad for the app, that would help with the problem as I could leave an iPad setup as the display, but unfortunately, the app will not work on the iPad. Even with this limitation, I would very much recommend the treadmill.

Tobey Carrel
The Best Decision Ever

For the last 4 years I have thought about getting a treadmill desk. I researched constantly and found UnSit. I saved the link, but never pulled the trigger. The next year I would do the same. Still the UnSit came always on top. Finally, I knew that I couldn’t just save the link one more year. My only regret…why did I not do this 4 years early. This was absolutely the best decision ever.

I worked from home, long before COVID, and found myself sitting for at least 12 hours a day. Now, in the last month, I have walked over 53 hours, and 66 miles. What a difference this has made in my life. I want to be alive a long time to watch my grandkids grow-up. The UnSit is going to help me do that.

The stool, gives me the opportunity to take that occassional break

Thank you!!!!!